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August 3, 2014

Barely Cooking: Healthy tacos

Happy August friends! Though summer is quickly passing by, there are plenty more carefree moments to share with loved ones (especially around the dinner table). I present to you a quick and healthy dish that you must definitely invite everyone to enjoy.

Menu for salmon tacos

1. Salmon: After cutting into long chunks and seasoning with olive oil+garlic salt+pepper, I pan fried them on medium with the lid until the skin looked nice and crispy.

2. Cilantro lime crema: Mix one container of plain Greek yogurt with a bunch of chopped cilantro, lime, salt+pepper. Season accordingly until sourness is slight. It may not taste good on its own but with the salmon... delicious! 

3. I also bought corn tortilla and the "cowboy caviar" salsa from Trader Joe's. Set out some extra lime andchopped cilantro and you're ready for an awesome meal (no utensils needed!).

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