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August 17, 2014

Thrifty Haul: Massive "imsorryisuckatblogging" Haul

Hey friends!
Here's a little apology for neglecting this little ol' blog of mine. Since the items were bought between July and August, they might still be available online or in-store if you're interested in acquiring these goodies for yourself.  I must admit I definitely had Greece in mind when shopping from what to wear on the plane to night on the town makeup looks. I'm glad I get to share my favorite pastime (bargain shopping) with you all.

Forever 21 
I didn't LOVE this striped dress, but it is a great basic with the cutest halter top neckline.

My favorite find of the entire haul are these pleated trousers (aka harem pants) from F21. $10 and the MOST COMFORTABLE THING EVER. I call them the "sisterhood of the traveling harem pants" because everyone I have seen with them on look amazing NO LIE.

+a couple of basic tees


Ever since Cathy bought a floppy wool hat from Brandy Melville for her Vegas trip, I knew I had to have one. In true thrifty spirit, I picked up this one from ebay at 1/4 of the price. Unfortunately, I haven't received it yet so I am unable to speak about the quality. My hopes are high!

buy floppy hat

American Eagle
Every one of my hauls need a little AE. A coworker sent me this awesome Wrapp coupon for $10 off so I snatched up two lace bralettes. Perfect for layering under basic tees or when regular bras feel too constricting. Originally $20 each...on sale for $15...subtract $10 off total...=$10 EACH!
$10 each in dark blue and purple

Here's something a little different..a non-clothing haul!

After endless hours of youtube research, I finally decided to update my makeup bag. I had to get some of the raved about NYX lipstick butters. Razzle looks like a Barbie pink but fades quite nicely on your lips. Pops is the most perfect "my lips but better" color. The $3.50 off $10 coupon made it an even better deal. I also picked up the Benefit classics in travel size both for testing and light carrying. 
cheek me out-$13
nyx lip butter-$4.24 each
TJ Maxx
This place has everything! I was on my way to buy new luggage (I had my eye on a purple Samsonite), but decided to hold off. I did get these adorable leafy print bags that would be great to store makeup and other toiletries on my travels (and they match too!). 
$7 and $10
Mr. Kate
Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers (the Londoner), I got Beautymarks from a cute little online jewelry store called Mr. Kate. For only $12, these upgraded temp tattoos will make you look like a bohemian babe in no time. I'm thinking about putting a feather or arrow on my collarbone or back of the neck, tres chic!
$12-comes in gold, silver, or black

A recent target trip scored myself some cheap sunscreen (quite important for the summer) and my holy grail shaving cream (it smells like a fruity dream).
$4 and $2.50
Saving the most expensive and recent (fresh off the shelf this morning!) for last... my new ipad mini! Many stores have been lowering the prices on these bad boys so be on the lookout my thrifty friends. I have now completed my Apple trifecta..Macbook-Ipad-Iphone hehe
$200 (originally $300)
Hope this satiated your consumerism a little.


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