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July 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Ups: Staycation

These two weekends reminded me that I can enjoy a relaxing getaway right in my own backyard and physical activity isn't so horrendous.

June 28-29: SUN DIEGO

Felt amazing to be back and even better to be reunited with BT and his family. The drive to SD was mostly uninterrupted with gorgeous views of the sea.

On Saturday, BT and I began the day by ditching the gas guzzler and walking to the barbershop for his haircut. We continued our exercise by using a free 3 day pass to check out the 24 hour fitness at UTC with his friends. This was my first time at a real gym outside of school and although it was a bit intimidating at first, it was entertaining trying out different equipment and chatting with the group. I definitely felt the soreness for days. We cancelled out our workout at night by heading to John Tran's "100th trip to Phil's BBQ" celebration. It was held at the events center (no wait, no line!) with catering and a bar. Although I personally don't like Phil's BBQ, it was a great night catching up with my fellow PAW members and reminiscing all the times we joined John at this establishment. Afterwards, we burned some calories playing laser tag (pink team REPRESENT). I got 9th place out of 30!

Sunday meant fulfilling my dream of a QUADRUPLE DATE. Anton+Dorothy, Andrew+San, Tracy+Jason, and BT+I had a delicious brunch at Karl Strauss with endless mimosas and beer tasting (my favorite part). I love any time I get to spend with my cousins. Afterwards, I headed to the fair with BT's family including his adorable little cousins. Lots of walking and spending money whoo!
#MURICA and its half naked people

July 4-5: #MURICA
Thank you America for my 3 day weekend! I was whisked away to a beach house where the only parking and traffic I needed to worry about was in regards to my bike. Independence day was first spent sleeping in and reading Allegiant (third installment of Divergent). We then headed to the beach where silly pictures and walks along the shore were taken. The greatest part about July 4th is that a portion of PCH is closed down so pedestrians and bikers can cruise down the street and secure a nice spot for fireworks viewing. The 30 minute spectacular was as gorgeous as it is every year (let freedom ring ya'll!).

Saturday was spent in the very American past time of shopping! We headed to the beautiful The Grove in LA where I snagged a pair of high waisted cutoffs for $13. There were a plethora of tourists which made the area very colorful. When we got home, it was time for more bike riding by the beach. I could definitely get used to this. The night ended with a fantastical movie called Maleficient.



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  1. One day, I hope we can do a double date finally! xoxo C