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June 22, 2014

Weekend WrapUp: Cousins, Parents, Friends

Hey friends, 

Back again after a short hiatus with a WWU! I skipped last weekend because it seemed that the mundaneness of the work week had seeped into my precious time off. One exciting thing that happened involved replacing my car starter....SIGH...this is my life.

Angela's face is on purpose LOL

Friday: After work, Anton and I headed over to visit the little cousins and treated them out to Ritter's Steam Kettle Cooking. Yelp describes it as "Cajun/Creole, Seafood, Soul food", and it has been ranked four stars. My overall consensus: OVERHYPED like most OC establishments. Dishes included lots of butter and cream while lacking in vegetables and nutritional value (tldr: what diet?) The important thing was that the kids enjoyed it. Before choosing a restaurant, chaos ensued between us 4 hungry yet indecisive individuals. Anton suggested a really neat strategy that I will definitely employ for the future. Everyone suggests various places and types of food to eat. Each person gets one veto. The choices are put in a hat and everyone must quit complaining and accept whatever is eventually picked. 

Saturday: Work for a bit. Finally got around to paying my parents a visit and rewarded with my mother's homemade pho!

My gorgeous friends! With even better looking meat (:
Sunday: Reunion with my favorite gals, Angie and Germaine. And of course we do what we do best...EAT. The Korean BBQ (Moodaepo in Rowland Heights) place that we went to definitely exceeded my expectations-friendly, modern, clean, and reasonably priced. We even got to watch kpop videos and the World Cup (USA vs Portugal) simultaneously! The impressively clean and lovely smelling restroom had mouthwash (genius!). Besides eating good food with amazing friends, I finally gave my poor Toyota a car wash and picked up some savory breads for this week's breakfast. An overall productive day. Huzzah! When I got home, I attempted the DYI kimono at last. Great first try though a bit ghetto because I fail at sewing. 
$10.80 f21 scarf turned ghetto kimono


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